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    • Forensicgirl

      There is nothing to debate here-infant circumcision is a human rights violation and a violation of the medical oath to “first do no harm”. The medical “benefits” have been disproven or are not applicable until adulthood and the people perpetuating the practice are biased-either they are circumcised themselves or they make money off the procedure. Also being opposed to genital cutting on girls but not boys is massively hypocritical.

  1. Anonymous

    Human Behavior — Animal and Human behavior are closely related. When viewed as an animal, and as part of the animal kingdom, some surprising conclusions are reached when the question is asked, “Why do we do the things we do?” Circumcise an animal and I’m sure you will see significant changes in the behavior. There is a book that closely follows along with the topic of human behavior, “Dominance & Delusion,” by M.A. Curtis. It goes into much more depth on the topic.http://dominanceanddelusion.com/

  2. Anonymous

    Thank You! — The American Psychological Community has long overlooked this issue. We have lacked courage and demonstrated an unwillingness to look inward to determine how our defenses color our attitudes with regard to circumcision. We need to address this issue head on, uncomfortable as it may be. We have countenanced this abuse for far too long.

    • George Hill

      There are three things going on:

      1. The males in the American Psychological Association are drawn from the general population and they mostly would be circumcised, so many would suffer from the abnormal behavior described here, which they would view as normal.
      2. Circumcision is so pervasive in America that the abnormal behavior of circumcised males is viewed as “normal”.
      3. If they wrote any papers, the circumcised authors most likely would defend circumcision. See the Goldman paper at citation no. 31.

  3. Anonymous

    Circumcision has NO effect on sexually transmitted diseases at all.The ONLY protection against STDs is a condom.(That is a medical fact, but common sense alone should tell you that).There is no medical association in the world that says circumcision is necessary.The so-called “studies” done on circumcision related to STDs have been proven INVALID. The studies were done in Uganda (Africa), first of all, where the lifestyle is much different than that in the United States. Secondly, this study was done on adults who all began as uncircumcised–half of them were then circumcised for the study; the uncircumcised males in the study were told they could have sex, while the circumcised males were advised NOT to have sex. It’s pretty difficult to get STDs when you’re not having sex, right? Lastly, the study was stopped halfway through because they realized that there were too many other factors contributing to the results.Read the facts here:http://www.intactamerica.org/newsand here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ali-a-rizvi/male-circumcision-and-the_b_249728.html

    • iconbuster

      Actually, A higher incidence of HIV has been found among circumcised males as compared with non-circumcised males in numerous sub-Saharan nations, however, this paper is not about HIV. It is about the effect of male circumcision on non-sexual human behavior.

      Circumcision also affects sexual behavior but that is outside the scope of this paper.

  4. Anonymous

    The HIV deception — The HIV argument is another deception to compound all the deceptions that went before. MGM appears to reduce F->M HIV transmission by about 60%. That’s it. That’s the sum total of the “argument” being put forth to justify it. What is missing from this argument?Clearly what is missing is its impact on M->F transmission. There is compelling empirical and clinical evidence that MGM increases M->F transmission rates by more than enough to have a net effect of increasing overall transmission rates. This is due to increased vaginal abrasion, which compromises the very effective HIV barrier presented by intact vaginal epithelium.http://www.cirp.org/library/anatomy/ohara/http://jvi.asm.org/cgi/content/full/74/12/5577?view=long&pmid=10823865http://www.cirp.org/library/disease/HIV/chao/http://www.circumstitions.com/HIV.html#heteroThe USA has the highest divorce rate, the highest HIV rate and the second-highest MGM rate in the industrialized world. Is this a coincidence? I doubt it.Furthermore, it turns out that FGM has a similar effect on female receptivity to HIV as MGM has on male receptivity.http://www.aegis.com/conferences/IASHIVPT/2005/TuOa0401.htmlThis is probably indicative of the similarity of the tissue-type and extent of loss caused by both types of atrocities.Finally it should be pointed out that our so-called professional medical organizations have a long history of such deceptive pronouncements wrt MGM, which has been promoted as a “remedy” for everything from masturbatory insanity to clubfoot to doctor-caused problems like forcible foreskin retraction leading to phimosis and UTI’s. As each of these bogus arguments has fallen a new one is found. This pattern can be readily seen to reflect their enormous fear of being exposed for the child abusers and marriage wreckers that they are.

  5. Thank you for a very enlightening article. I am in complete agreement with your understanding that the abusee goes on to become the abuser. I believe there is another option though, and that is that the abusee resolves his trauma in therapy. Below is the story of my late friend Mark, who was in healing from his circumcision trauma (described by him as “castration anxiety”) and took the opposite stand.

    “MARK’S STORY: Below is the relevant part of the magazine article we had been discussing, which was published by Personality Magazine:

    Mark said: “I think it is terribly important that people should know about the pain and trauma experienced by a baby during circumcision. I was born into a family who circumcise their infant sons for traditional reasons and, until fairly recently, I never questioned the practice.

    “However, throughout my childhood I had a ‘waking nightmare’ that I never understood. I would see myself lying helplessly, gazing up at a group of smiling monsters who were standing around me and staring down at me. I was completely at their mercy and I knew they were going to torture me – but I never found out how.

    “Then some years ago, while I was undergoing psychotherapy, I began to spontaneously relive the nightmare in its real context. The ‘monsters’ turned out to be the male members of my family. They were holding my penis and were about to cut it and I started to actually relive some of the pain, shock and, worst of all, the terrible sense of betrayal of my circumcision.

    “I was having psychotherapy because of sexual problems which made it almost impossible for me to have a relationship with a woman, but I never guessed where the problems had originated. After reliving the trauma of my circumcision I had my first successful relationship with a woman.

    “What horrifies me more than anything is that my well-meaning and smiling relatives had no idea of the pain they caused me or of the scars it would leave on my mind. I don’t have a son, but if I ever do have one he will not be circumcised. I have promised never to do to a son of mine what was done to me.”

    Mark is one of a growing number of people who are questioning the practice of circumcision.

    (PERSONALITY, South Africa, October 14, 1987, p. 36)

  6. Forensicgirl

    Thank you for this excellent and well-researched paper. There does need to be more research on this issue-for example, is there a link between circumcision and sexual assault? What about circumcision and animal cruelty? Clearly all three are linked by a lack of empathy and a lack of respect for others.

    If an infant is supposed to be learning to trust his caregivers in the early stages of life, it is logical that circumcision would violate that trust and therefore have long-reaching effects, as you have explored here.

  7. George Hill

    One would reasonably think that there might be a link between circumcision and sexual assault and animal cruelty but it has not been researched and no evidence exists as far as I am aware, so it is not included in this document.

  8. James Loewen

    Thank you for this excellent, well-researched article George Hill. I have it bookmarked and will be referring to it often.

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